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Meet the Characters of Zoey and the Forest Friends

Updated: Sep 30, 2020


Fireball is the biggest, strongest buck in the forest. He's not afraid of anyone or anything, including the forest's evil witch and her pet wolf. His real name is Jax, although his mother, Matilda, only calls him her little "Fireball" much to his embarrasment!

Favorite Hobby: Teasing Mittens the Squirrel.


Matilda is the forest's gentle and loving leader. Even though she has a broken leg, that doesn't stop her from trying to stop the witch and the wolf from stealing Rorey's childhood spirit. Here is the real Matilda enjoying the forest and caring for the fawns. Favorite Hobby: Running and playing with her son, Jax.


When he's not sneezing acorns out of his mouth or making the forest's children laugh, Mittens loves to perform tricks. His favorite? Seeing just how many acorns he can shove into his mouth. He's a fluffy gray squirrel with four white paws that look like he's wearing mittens.

Favorite Hobby: Making children laugh.


Moving from Arizona was a big change for young Rorey, but she quickly fell in love with the animals in Matilda's forest. Little does sweet Rorey know that an evil witch and her pet wolf are after the childhood spirit locked in her heart. Can she save the forest and help Zoey find her childhood spirit once again?

Favorite hobbies: Searching for Mittens, petting the forest friends and playing with her best friend Rocky.

Favorite food: Pancakes with rainbow sprinkles


The young girl who grew up in Matilda's Forest, Zoey has a special gift...she can talk to the forest animals. But as she grows older, she finds that she can no longer hear her beloved Forest Friends. It seems she's lost her childhood spirit. Now she's leaving for university and her parents are selling the cottage. Will she ever see or be able to hear her best friends again? Who would take care of Matilda? Her cousin Rorey is the only one she trusts. But when the evil witch, Esmerelda, and her pet wolf, Damen, try to steal Rorey's heart, Zoey must slay her childhood fears if she wants to save her cousin...and stop an eternal winter.

Favorite hobbies: Caring for the forest animals, puzzles, reading and studying.

Favorite food: Macaroni and cheese


Eating pancakes is a tough job, but somebody's got to do it! Rocky, the boy who lives in a cabin near the cottage, is thrilled when Rorey and her family move from Arizona. Now he has someone to play with. But Rocky knows something about the forest that the others don't...not to trust Esmerelda, and to always watch out for her terrifying pet wolf, Damen.

Favorite hobbies: Telling stories about his parents and playing around The Peekaboo Tree with his best friend, Rorey.

Favorite food: Pancakes - lots and lots of pancakes


The forest's evil witch, Esmerelda, has one goal: to steal the childhood spirit from the heart of an imaginative child. Without this, she will lose her terrible powers and be transformed back into a "mere mortal" as she calls them.

But she's losing her strength every day and when Rorey moves in, she knows it's the strong heart she's been waiting for. She will stop at nothing to earn the trust of Rorey and her family, and she always has a trick up her sleeve. She's also out for revenge against the one person who she believes ruined her life. If she doesn't get what she wants, she warns the Forest Friends that she will turn the forest into an eternal winter.

Favorite hobbies: Tricking and charming children and their parents, scaring the forest friends.

Favorite food: witch's brew


He's big. He's mean. And he obeys Esmerelda's every command...even if that means attacking the Forest Friends and stealing the heart of an innocent child. He sneaks up silently through the forest, but you can spot him by his evil, glowing green eyes. And if you see red pawprints, beware for Damen is near.

Favorite hobbies: Terrifying the Forest Friends and children.

Favorite food: Deer meat

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So cute,love it!


Fireball is a beautiful buck!

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